The Antarctic Cavern

By: Sheheryar Zahid
Competition Year: 2012
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Its cold down here,
Away from the atmosphere.

The sunshine here has never shone,
To hypothermia life is prone.

The ones who lived were almost dead,
glaciated by the periphery of boundless snow bed.

The audible silence is never diphthongized.
To hinder it none but God is authorized.

Sky's their home,nostalgic ice crystals urge to fly,
but with Threnody sung, their fate here was to die.

Walls tell, they tried but the mayday calls froze,
Lost to the might of time, to the heaven their spirits rose.

But the time not mighty enough, felt the chill, its paced down,
Dethroned and ashamed, it passed to the cave, its frost covered crown.

The air here is rotten,
Existence of life forgotten.
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