Chemical Engineering: Sustaining Life

By: Ian Jackson
Competition Year: 2012
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What in this world is more precious than life?
Than plants, animals, a Man and his Wife?
All that is living is sacred and precious
So the task to conserve it can get very serious…

As a human on Earth, what would we do,
Without the essentials, like water and food?
Clothing, warmth, and medicines for illnesses?
Who helps prevent outbreaks of diseases?

When aid is low, to countries in need,
No water, no shelter, nothing to feed,
We tackle the issues, with lives in our hands,
Solving the problems to meet the demands.

We triple the yield, and use half the space,
When making the drugs used all over the place.
We take what chemists do in their labs,
And scale it up, to mass produce jabs.

What about warmth, what about transport?
We help pump the gas to heat up the home.
We help develop new fuels for cars,
Like bioethanol, fermented from sugars.

With everything here, waste is produced,
But with our help, it can be reduced,
Through recycling, efficiency and synthetic replacements,
We decrease the strain on nature’s resources.

All of these things, together combined
Help conserve our planet for future mankind.
What do I do? What’s my career?
I’m a future Manchester Chemical Engineer.
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