The Beauty of Chemistry

By: Melissa Wix
Competition Year: 2012
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What could be more precious than the basis of life?
Every intricate molecule delicately designed
Nature’s own blueprints to a beautiful world
And all its features elegantly refined

Chemistry shapes our world from an empty canvas,
The building blocks of life can be known,
Of how one compound present in the basis of life
Is also in the most sparkling, desirable stone

The chemistry of colour enlightens our life
An everyday masterpiece in front of our eyes
Ice white displays from the flames of metals
And solutions reminiscent of the clearest skies

A composition of chemicals to save a life
Brings along hope and smiles so bright
Aurora displays from electrons’ excite
A blanket of magic across the deepest night

The conclusion reached: we cannot deny;
True beauty in chemistry is easy to find
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