I let the things stay in-situ

By: Sanym Paritova
Competition Year: 2013
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If science was the air we breathe,
The food we eat or life we live,
We two could be a number of things…
Like Sun and Earth
Or sky and sea
We set apart, but in between -
Covalent bond only we see.
Ideas we share, the way we think
Like radio waves which are in sync.
You’re graph and I’m an asymptote –
We’re getting close, but never cross.
The years pass by, chemistry stays –
We’re neither lovers nor even friends.
Just strangers with too much in common.
Too proud, but in between - still comma.

I talk to ships that cross your sea,
And Moon, your satellite, is nice,
I’m even kind to boring lines,
Which cut your graph so many times…
I fail to ask something from you,
I let the things stay in-situ.

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