Great Discovery

By: Folake Abass (4th year MEng Chemical Engineering)
Competition Year: 2012
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You were created long long ago,
Formed in and by Mother Earth,
Destined for greatness, established with purpose.
Hence, they sought for you with thorough determination.

It was like eureka to Archimedes when they found you,
So, passionately they drilled to break barriers that trapped you,
With the best devices, you were extracted safely from the womb,
Emerging from darkness, you were introduced to the world.

And like great news that a baby is to its family;
Your appearance brought joy to your community,
Like everyone, you had a complex mix of components,
A complete form having great value and wealth.

At first sight, you appeared paltry, almost worthless,
So there on the platform, they separated and treated you,
Like a new born being cleaned from its mother’s blood,
To remove from you, bad from good.

Let’s say you needed distillation and desulphurisation,
When I required nurturing and a healthy-­living,
You needed hydrotreating and hydrocracking,
And I needed some orientation and lots of education.

So they sent the crude you to be refined,
Like the same thorough training I got in school,
To be effective in diverse ways, evolving endlessly;
As fuels, lubricants and a whole lot more.

The journey was very long and quite challenging,
Dedicated engineers devised continuous processes for you,
Ingeniously helping you achieve your purpose,
Just like parents and teachers, working hard to help me learn.

Finally, we were ready for our destinies,
I ruled my world, with knowledge and innovative solutions,
You conquered yours by providing energy,
Energy, that that transformed the modern world.
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