Engineer’s paradox

By: Louis Kang-Mascarenhas
Competition Year: 2012
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Stuck in the lab class or lecture hall all the afternoon,
We cling to the hope that we’ll be done with this “poxy” degree one day soon.
Studying about heat transfer, piston heads and aerofoils,
And if you’re thick enough to do civil, maybe even soils!
Non-engineers may call us a nerd, a geek or even a recluse,
We know they use it merely as an excuse;
To have a jab at someone with superior intellect,
All we can do, as scientists, is hypothesise on what to expect....
What puts a smile on our face isn’t a Nobel Prize or even how much our future job pays;
It’s just the knowledge that we’ll be running the world… one of these days.
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