Free radicals and valencies

By: Angelica Jimenez Rosales (PhD student in the School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2012
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Your heart so electophilically charged and my mind so nucleophilically depressed
the attraction between opposites triggering a reaction,
action-reaction is what makes the world go round.
I recovered my aromaticity with you,
certainly this love overtakes the physical… this love is chemical.

Your electron volts match with perfection
the energy that my makes my ground state electrons
jump in excitement to a higher energy level
and spontaneously fly off from their orbits producing a photoelectric effect
reflected in the brightness of my eyes when I see you.

We are all energy… we are all light,
despite the photons that I emit
your eyes of spectrometer break up my light,
seeing the true spectrum of the frequencies of light that I emit:
my ultraviolet radiation that likes to create reactive species and chaos in our stable bonds,
my visible light with colourful waves that beautifully twists into your eyes,
my infrared light that even when it is not visible you certainly feel its warmth
you are the only one that truly can interpret my spectrum and
discover the amount of energy I can absorb to favorably resonate in your lips

Your free radical nature drove your electrons to whoever was not sterically hindered.
Starting a never ending chain reaction by propagating your instability,
until reaching the termination with me.
Now our bonds are double covalent and closer
full of energy and unbreakable.

Even when our free pair of electrons can react with a lonely proton,
get oxidized, or our sp2 conformation changes to an sp3,
the bonds we share are forever and no acid or base will ever change that.
My bonds to you will remain like this,
until the matter that conforms us fuses into the energy of the stars.
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