The uranium story

By: Clare Thorpe (PhD student in the Research Centre for Radwaste Disposal, School of Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2012
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A yellowish ore waiting still, not yet blameful
Slowly spitting out power, its future unstable
In this there lies danger, but also potential
Ninety two protons with awesome credential

So extracted it was, and is, and will be
Enriched in dilemma and controversy
A forceful deterrent demanding complicity
Barely seven grams needed to flatten a city

Yet reactions are harnessed, the dark side denied
‘Manhattan’ forgotten, ‘little boy’ put aside
With moderation and shielding, acceptance is won
Generating opinions, the lights are turned on

But with useful life spent burning goes on unheeding
Not dying away but evolving and breeding
Daughters more toxic than even their parent
Expected, yet unplanned for, their malice inherent

A blind eye is turned and among us they stay
60 thousand year wait until they will decay
Lest they escape they’re encased and confined
A mistake to be buried from sight and from mind
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