Axiom of Choice

By: Amit Kuber (PhD student in mathematical logic)
Competition Year: 2012
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Sadly you questioned the purpose of existence,
Accept me or not, I've gained much importance.

In those early days, my presence wasn't felt,
When shoes abandoned socks, my cover began to melt.

I gave you rm basis, a way to climb peak,
I ordered you well, taught one of the two is weak.

You asked for my help; your problems weren't small,
I found ways back when you covered them all.

I uttered spells of magic, tricked one into two,
You lost faith in me and thought I'm a foe.

A sigh of relief; you realized your mistake,
Till forces convinced forever, our relation will be at stake.

Your life is hard, you choose me or not,
The choice is yours, there's better independence thought!
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