The Song of Light

By: Arthur Lenoir
Competition Year: 2012
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The World breathed out, Its empty form moved not.
Denied a place to go, with all Its mystery
It would be always bound to rot, in shapeless history.

The World breathed in, with grave chagrin -
Its infinite dimensions locked in one,
With all the secrets they keep in. The World breathed in, deprived of sound.


Outside of time within nowhere, not with a sight, without a care,
Nor with a worry or a ruse,
Lacking a scene of any stare, nothing to hide, nothing to share,
Its thoughts let loose.

The beams lit up without an eye, the noise rang loud without a cry,
Its thoughts reached wide without a meaning,
Desire flew outside of skies, light fell through darkness in its night,
It started singing.


The singularity shook up,
From laws of naught came order, reason,
Through quantum effort It woke up
the senses that were but a vision.

Now It was ready for Its air,
It held the breath of thousand worlds -
The singing thoughts, through which to share,
Inflated in majestic verse.

The World breathed out and all about
the stanzas grew of light and mass,
The poetry of life spread out,
Still young, of trepid loneliness.


Its breath was deep, and greater than It knew,
Now like a child surprised by its reflection,
Through eyes of life It saw anew… Itself in action.

It saw the stars borne out in flames,
It saw the things It could not comprehend,
It thought of myths and gave them names. Of those a few were innocent.


The World was young, naïve and strange.
It now had eyes to look, and see,
In tender blindness yet It changed
affairs It witnessed blissfully.

Some things that frightened It were cast
in ignorance aside, until
The world grew up at last, and past
became extinct. But often still,
Some thoughts It tended to regress.
Most eyes were sane. Yet some were ill.


It still is young, still learns to see, still yearns to sing to self at night,
And those who listen carefully - those eyes can meet the song of light.
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