Push On

By: Alex Bowen
Competition Year: 2012
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Push on, and think, vivid thinkers,
It is your light that banishes our fog,
Our world is dark, but through you it brightens,
And know, we move forward on the path you illuminate,

Push on, and create, noble creators,
It is your mind that shapes our existence,
Our world is formless, but through you it takes form,
And know, we move forward upon the path you forge,

Push on, and observe, keen observers,
It is your eye that focuses our future,
Our world is blurred, but through you it becomes clear,
And know, we move forward because you show the way,

And know, that we sit here, in danger,
Our world crumbles, but through you it survives,
It is your work that ensures our future,
Push on, and save, glorious saviours.
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