My Laptop, My Love

By: Nur Zareen Zulkarnain (MSc Advanced Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2012
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When I first met you
My heart beats fast
I know you are the one
No questions asked

Quad-core processor
With dual graphic cards
To say no to you
I find it so hard

We watched movies
In high definition
When I am far away
You are my form of communication

In designing stunning graphics
We always unite
Through all programming disasters
You are there, day or night

Such a colourful desktop
What a beautiful scene
But it is different today
There is only a black screen

Reboot, reboot
That’s all I can do
I don’t know what attacked you
I don’t know what to do

I sent you for repair
Hoping you will be better
So you can come back to me
And together we create wonders
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