Contemporary Science Gallery

By: Sarah Power
Competition Year: 2012
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Contemporary Science Gallery
Exhibition ‘Theoretical’ From Now to Future Paradigm Change

Piece 23: Theory of Relativity
Installation: comprised of 5 symbols: 3 letters, one equals and a power of 2
Oil on canvas

A classic work from the post modernist, new (particle) wave movement.

Although note the absence of the ‘γ’ symbol used by the scientist in later copies of the piece.
In fact, Einstein came back to these themes many times throughout his working life,
Plagued and obsessed by the symbolic representation of his darkest innermost desires?

The influence of scientists Einstein admired is clear,
the use of ‘m’ term here, used frequently in works by Newton.

There are many different interpretations of the piece
Was the scientist making a social comment on our ever narrowing perspectives
As the pace of modern life increases,
Through the ‘Lorentz contraction’?

Who is this ‘Lorentz’ character? Does he epitomize global corruption?
Or does he refer to a person from Einstein’s own life?
A person who fascinated the scientist,
A person constantly ‘transforming’ himself?

But we will never truly know
There are no right answers
Only interpretations,
Only theories.

And c.
Not C.
Drawn here as a ‘law of nature’
Out there somewhere? Or just made up?
Fast, relativistically speaking
But then. It’s all relative.

It’s all just made up things
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