Breath of Life

By: Ekwonu Michael Chukwuemeka (MSc Refinery Design and Operation)
Competition Year: 2012
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The world is dark and without form,
Man look around for help and assistance,
To perform his daily routine,
But found none.

He has to depend on his thought and thinking,
To move around long distance easily,
To reproduce it kind,
To check and balance his health Status,
To shelter himself,
To feed himself and his kind.

But this is aided by science and engineering innovations,
There comes the need for electricity for light and power,
Airplane for air navigation,
Ships, vehicles and trains for transportation,
Telephone for communication,
Calculators for counting large figures,
Microphones to aid public speech,
Computer system for bulky home and office work,
And the global community of boundless limit of existence- the internet.

The important of science and inventions standout among other chosen professions:
we are in your offices,
in your homes,
in your business,
in your hospital,
in work mechanic workshop,
in your life,
and in your daily routine,
and everywhere humanity and lifes exist.

The scientists and engineers are the world, because the world depends on us for its
existence and survival; by proffering solutions to emergence situations and diseases
that inhibit the existence humanity.
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