By: Yongxue Miao
Competition Year: 2012
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Even though memory is lost, Love will still exist

Light word
Light sadness
The screen buried in the heart was waked up by the familiar words
It does really pretend to forget or escape
The days you have gone
I learn how to live by myself
Lonely strength
Lonely smile
Just tell myself forget is a kind of happiness
At least no sorrow or worry any more
The meaning of life seems to be lost
Do not know where to go
Just want to be happy
Smiling confront
But has forgotten how to make the heart beat up again
Do not know whether I can tell you my thoughts
But do not want to let myself down again
Once think careless means standing up to the reality
Come to realize that I only live in my own world
Doors cannot open
And I cannot get out
Never ever
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