Science is an art

By: Jonathan Latham
Competition Year: 2012
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A bridge is where two places meet, beauty and necessity, what a feat!
Intertwining in blueprints, in smelting heat,
Then set in the landscape, and set to the beat,
Of a million journeys, and two million feet.

And it’s in the beat, you can hear the precision.
The clarity of numbers, set out in the rhythm.
And it’s the numbers, we use to mark and explain,
The beats in our heart, the sparks in our brain.

And sweet science wants to keepboth going,
To preserve life, in it’s ebbing and flowing.
Keep our planet green, keep it growing.
The beauty of knowledge, the beauty of knowing.

The beauty of progress.The beauty of hope.
The beauty at the end of the microscope,
Where the plays of existence are acted out,
Whilst we try and guess what the plots about.

And the beauty of the universe, so vast.
We see light in the present, from stars in the past,
And through our wonder, weall play our part.
Without a doubt, true science is an art.
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