Science is Human

By: Alice Whetstone
Competition Year: 2012
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What separates us from animals?

The line is distinct, it’s true.

A human quest for knowledge,

And a thirst for intellect too.

But we need some matter to muse on,

How can we feed our imagination?

We ponder the origins of existence,

The big bang theory and evolution, or creation?

From the vast expanse of the universe

To the atom, incomprehensibly small

To “Would this still happen in a vacuum?”

Science strives to explain all.

It aids the progress of humanity,

With medicines, safe water, food to eat.

Provides infrastructure, transport, electricity

And fills our homes with heat.

Science explains natural phenomena

Like the tides and the seasons and weather

And the forces that allow us to run, drive and fly

Improving our lives is it’s endeavour.

Yes science is beautiful in many ways,

Pioneering and pushing our boundaries

For the advancement of mankind

And protection of the Earth

It makes us all humans together.
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