The World we changed

By: Apiram Ramkumar (BEng Chemical engineering)
Competition Year: 2012
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Delve deep down into the unknown
For the truth to surface as it unfolds
We ponder and question the things we see
And respond and act, for the world to feel
As we try to balance the imbalance in life
We establish equilibrium
Protecting mankind
150 bar and 500 degrees,
Add some iron catalyst
To H2 and N2
To make NH3
Used in fertiliser to help crops grow
Fighting hunger
The world we feed even more
Who would have thought that we would travel the sky?
Bernoulli’s equation can be used to explain why aeroplanes fly
Some days are calm like laminar flow,
Other days feel turbulent, almost like a storm
We can shelter you from the cold
Provide you with electricity, water, and heat to keep you warm
Our purpose is simple, we have common goals
To create, to innovate, and unify concepts as a whole
We are thinkers of modern time
And pioneers within the fields of Mathematics and Science
We alter conditions, create processes and designs
And shape ideas into physical reality
We have great minds
You may have guessed who we are,
If not, I will tell you,
We are Engineers.
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