For my Chemical Engineer

By: moemen
Competition Year: 2013
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From the first few runs the correlation was clear,
With each new idea we can push the frontier,
A madman in jeans is a fluid mechanicist,
Brilliant regimes and profiles that make cists,
Don’t hazard a guess, put your theory to the test,
Labs reach the right conclusion, and filter the rest,
Mix it together well, you’ll see it’s all basic,
A few fundamentals – in thick books like Kreyszig,
Our thermodynamics makes temperatures climb,
Cool is just a word for most but for us it’s sublime,
It’s like living in the matrix, the sheer stress of it all,
Like a vector seeing transformations in the unit ball,
With their complex closed loop integral controllers,
Those men and their machines are simply bipolar,
Innovations keeping the world in its state of (re)flux,
Treating flows from dusty ducts, saving the ducks,
Turbulent like a cyclone, we stay at equilibrium,
As a rule of thumb, you just have to model the system,
We’ve made it our business to engineer process lines,
Clever is viable feasible plant design,
HazOp’ed and P.I.D.’ed in time,
With a heat exchange network well pinch-analysed.
We’re great engineers, yet 'still' so refined,
We can solve any problem, so long as it’s well-defined,
Measuring is an art, not precisely inaccurate,
We size and rate vessels, then put a big lid on it.
And after we’re done we’ll even build an anthology,
On Pharma, Energy, Chemicals and Biotechnology.
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