The dark becomes light

By: Matthew Mcanulty (Civil Engineer)
Competition Year: 2012
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Suddenly, the dark becomes light
I'm rolling fast, the end's in sight
Off the belt and I take flight
Down with my brothers, they strap me tight
Off into the windswept night
We shake and rattle in fear and fright
The truck slows down, all seems alright
Then from the black, cuts through the white
They slide me out, no struggle nor fight
Up in the air to my delight
I'm slotted in, I am one with the site
Everything in the world feels right
A comfortable calm concluded my plight
As I sat there at a mighty height
My family around me, we reunite
'Happy days' I cry, 'Happy days outright!'
I watch the people walk, talk and write
The grass is green, the Sun is bright
No harsh word spoken, no need for contrite
Except when the man began to recite
'Goodbye dear building, goodbye dear friend
I'm afraid for you, this must be the end'
From within me a spark...tick...tack...tock...IGNITE
Like an eagle soar, wisp like a kite
BANG! ...then suddenly
The dark becomes light
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