The Good, the bad and the ingenious

By: Mercy Ubani (MEng Chemical Engineering with Industrial Experience)
Competition Year: 2012
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A light bulb and determination,
An idea out of a million,
One day revolutionises the world.
But the mind is constantly wandering,
Needs and desires indistinguishable.
And the process continues.
Engineering is an art form.
A whirlwind that intertwines in our every existence,
A picture of complexity strips away simplicity.
There is displacement of ingenuity.
Change begets change.
Engineering is never ending.
Our senses perceive and we want the unexpected.
An epidemic that has swept the nation,
An explosion of events leads to transformation.
It’s not about maths, physics or chemistry.
It’s about adapting to the change.
So you are unprepared for your fate.
Some proceed to master its substance.
Don’t enter on a whim the field of engineering.
Your prospects glimpsed through the tunnel of uncertainty.
A few succumb to the pressure.
Gauging their potential against the next,
Settle for the average instead of excellence.
Mental and physical exhaustion is to be expected.
A second home might be required.
A chance of simplicity is a welcomed companion.
But you are fortunate and respected.
A few lives must have changed.
So cheers to you!
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