Chernobyl Encore...

By: Syed Jafri
Competition Year: 2012
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Thundering sounds reached my ears
My eyes could not hold back the tears
The smoke swiftly enveloped the sky
My thoughts released in a single sigh.

I had lost my mum, my dad, my home
Left on the streets, to wander, to roam
They took my sisters under their wings
Abandoning me like a bee does its sting.

But bees have a job, a reason to live
They make honey which, to humans, they give
I, however, was like litter on the street
With the swift pick of the wind, I was off like sleet.

I settled in a camp, my second home
I established a fact; I was not alone
Thousands like me suffered the nuclear blast
Wiping, melting, robbing their past.

I grew in the camp, waved friends goodbye
They slipped out of my grasp as time ticked by
Until, at last, my age was eighteen
I left that ‘cage’, painting my scene.

From then the rollercoaster really took off
My life took a turn at every cough
I had ups, downs and moments in between
I had people to love, to help me, to lean.

Chernobyl had made an explosion on me
Which left me contaminated as a result, you see
But let’s just forget the negative things
And flutter a mile with the spread of our wings.

I’ve learnt not to care when people say stuff
I and my children have been through more than enough
My daughter, Kenny, is as perfect as could be
But my son, Karl, has his arms where they shouldn’t be.

My life has taught me values, and how they bring change
Some have been extraordinary, some have been strange
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade
But life isn’t always the lemonade that YOU made.

So sit down if you weren’t part of that terrible April day
Keep in heart all the victims, and pray as hard as you may
Your prayers won’t go unnoticed; they never will, trust me
For the people who get better, will remember you eternally.

- The past is never the past, for it will forever last...
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