It is a thing of beauty

By: Sadiq Wanka (Chemical Engineering)
Competition Year: 2012
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I hear the wailing of a mother;
It feels like déjà vu,
It is yet another air bombardment;
Another of its creation,
I begin to ponder,
Is it really worth it?

I see the devastation in his eyes,
As each passing victim dies,
The pipeline lost integrity;
The hydrocarbons found an ignition source,
He tried to save that worker,
But it was too late.

I hear the complaints of a people-
Their children are born disfigured;
It was a nuclear fallout,
Generations of people incapacitated,
I think again;
Is it really worth it?

I try to look beyond the pain,
In search of the gain,
I am inundated by the thought of the aeroplane;
One of its marvellous creations,
I begin to wonder;
What will we be without it?

I think of a world without industry;
Without electricity and without the internet;
Without the clean water from the neighbouring factory;
A world where natural resources are kept fallow-
Untouched and not understood;
Is it really worth it?

I picture the patient in the hospital,
During the years of my forefathers,
They said it was an imprecation;
The gods were angry,
The doctors say it’s a viral infection;
He’ll be discharged tomorrow.

It causes the occasional harm,
But the good is ubiquitous;
I just saw the picture of my newly-born niece,
Delivered from a thousand miles within an instant;
She is beautiful;
So is technology.
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