A ‘small’ poem

By: Fiazal Hussain (Materials Science & Engineering)
Competition Year: 2012
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The whisperingly small particles, neat and cute,
Don’t do much by the eye or our body any good.
Yet singled out it strikes you, how amazing it can be,
first namely hyphenated to an iPod- the smallest that’s been seen.

It works miracles in a liquid, mixes right in.
It works miracles in a solid, strengthening to its brim.
Blow it out of your hand and the dust can barely be seen,
this particles not quite gas, but has properties of which only you could dream.

Us scientists we spend hours, hours upon end,
mixing and heating until our faces go red.
These particles are our future, the next of our money raker's,
have faith over our chemistry skills we’re no liars or fakers.

These particles I speak of they’re so minute I don’t declare crudely;
trying to see it with your bare eyes will only make you go googly.
Step in do the chemists, the engineers of the future,
this Transition electron microscope is definitely the answer,
Down to a scale of minus ten to the 9, not yet figured it out?
Well wait then in line and ill secure your doubt…

The particles I speak of aren’t the devil or small angels over our left shoulders,
they’re simply particles we acronymize as being “nano” sized boulders.
You’ll find many uses, and when you stop we’ll keep on creating,
for these particles will have many uses in keeping us from becoming out-dated.
So jump onto the ‘nano-wagon’ or hop aboard the speedy ‘nano-boat’,
because the future ahead of us will be full of all small things macro.
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