Science As We Know It

By: Laura Nunns
Competition Year: 2012
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The chemicals combine,
They give you a sign,
Without making a sound,
They say ”A cure you have found,”

The word is science,
So show your reliance,
It has all the answers,
Even about Enhancers,

Science is fun,
You will love it a ton,
You will learn a lot,
Don’t worry you wont loose the plot,

You can learn about Mars,
And all of the stars,
Or you can react all the acids,
And see if their placid,

Or watch them corrode,
And maybe explode,
You could study the heart,
Do you know where to start?

Look at the pulmonary veins,
There's so many there like lanes,
So come and give it a go,
Let’s see how much you know.
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