By: Alexandra Bujak
Competition Year: 2012
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Is heaven a spandrel?
A quick release of DMT.
Is there any cognitive ability?
If the theory of evolution is true,
Does this mean that I can never be with you?
When you sleep the long sleep.
Do you dream?
Do you see me?
Do you peep?
Why would the brain release such secretions?
In his and hers reproductive states,
This has no allegiance.
When we love and live serotonin can make us happy,
But my children will still never get to call you daddy.
With our genes entwined we could have lived forever,
And you said that you would leave me never.
My precious little Johnny Craven, I need you,
In your heart was where I found my haven.
I still love you so much, I miss everything about you.
I can almost feel your touch.
My sweet prince, I hope that you have found some sedation,
And that we can go on and on in your time dilation.
I love you and I hate that I have to let go,
But for those drugs you just couldn't say no.
To never see you again will such a scandal,
If heaven is in your mind and nothing but a spandrel.
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