My worlds

By: Helena Stage
Competition Year: 2012
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Imagine all perception joint:
And yet I challenge every day
the universe, your home, my world,
this world of probability:
condensed into a single point;
statistics, ruling as they may,
infinite, to become unfurled.
shan’t mute my own ability.

Imagine such a world of light,
What lies beyond our realm of sight,
still travelling towards us fast,
elusive, try we as we might,
no endpoint, only travel, plight,
to strip away into the core
to greet the worlds with news of past.
reaching for something, new and more?

My world was born from stellar flares,
Another day, ten thousand past,
in vigour, Hades put to shame,
spent hunting questions, life and joy
that I can’t help but stand and stare,
in hope that they will always last;
in awe: to be here, share the flame.
give answers which we may employ.

My world to see, my world on show;
Another world, another place,
so little that I really know,
another human time and space,
yet never keeps me up at night:
may well have formed along with mine:
I live to question, not to fight.
I wonder if these will align?

I wonder if they could be mine?
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