Engineering Riddem’

By: Thomas Flaherty
Competition Year: 2012
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the building is called george begg
heres stuff that will hurt ur head
we study stress, but to it we’r prone
you listen hard you can hear the growns
we study things that are well hard just like vinnie jones

loads of coursework, its all vocational, gotta tick boxes for a chartership
its a par to slip-
up and your fucked
0% in the late box
notes in my backpack weigh rocks
but it’ll get me a good job
earn me a few bob
a gated house with a key fob
beautiful wife and a big dog.

thats Pamela and spot
but first i’ve gotta try and remember the equations from last year that i went and forgot,

calculate how clever use of integration
might be able to save me from a lifetime of masturbation
and send me on a nice vacation
first ive gotta design some foundations,

but its trying my patience
i resent the settlement on one side is like 500 mill
if it aint smaller next time then trust me i will,
well some times i fill,
i understand how some people snap and they kill,

now i learn techniques how to drill,
thank god i was only in the lecture,
it would have been worse if i had been asleep at the wheel.

lectures talk of stress, strain and equilibrium.
my mind wanders to sophie, stace and vivian.
and home girls near the meridian
but they could all be that far,
theres only 2 or 3 in my class
and i’ve gotta be there all day so i know that i’ll pass.

it is quite nice to design a structure that will just stand up,
and not try to walk off,
a bridge to people previously cut off,
to do the maths
that will without a doubt guarantee
That i will not be behind the bridge that put man in the sea,
causing untold misery.

the thing is
i could guarantee that,
if i gave up,

being a poet would be easier,
done this in half n hour, give me more time, it would have been a shit lot sleazier.
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