The Beauty of Science

By: Emily Woodroofe
Competition Year: 2012
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Let me take you by the hand
And guide you through a wondrous land;
Let yourself find your feet
Then let it take them from you in its sweep,

You’ll find your feet again once more,
Now allow your eyes and mouth to open in awe;
Let your heart in numbers find
Your head, a new and different mind,

Its beauty, ever-changing, it twists and turns
And its mysteries we may never learn;
From the tiniest particles and the mightiest stars
To DNA, evolution, everything near and far,

Let me show you, equations are its flowers,
Beautiful and blooming beneath the bowers;
See its streams, they are new theories
To the ocean of knowledge that make our blinded eyes now just bleary,

With roots that go deep, these trees are laws
Until with a singular flash of brilliance, they are flawed;
And mysteries are just mountains and hills
Maybe one day they will be overcome yet some never will,

Let my love for that land never wane
And let that land never die nor stay the same;
If our hearts and minds be in alliance,
Let us keep there our beloved Science.
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