Competition Year: 2012
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So awesome are the powers of men
So pitiful are our ignorance of these
Birth, life and death are our timeline
Curiosity grows our knowledge
Talent and Skills literally builds our world
Encircling it all with our imaginations
Innovation sustains us
Setting us apart from past ages.
So beautiful are our centre of abode
Blessed with bountiful resources
Life disguised in nature
A survival kit grabbed by the fittest
But even the fittest fades with time-
The beginning and end of everything
Though unevenly distributed, it has an end
What more could be so relieving?
A consolation for its nick holders.
So rich and resourceful are our creative Well
Infinite and Limitless runs our minds
Without borders and boundaries our achievements grows
Following patterns and myriad paths we make discoveries
In the process, we fall, we rise, we keep on walking. Ever persistent.
Our world is technically developing
Engineering now spells T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N
The time of the machines has come
A new age is fast approaching
Like Magic, Science is hypnotising us to a new world;
Science is just beautiful. It fulfils our fantasy.
So mysterious is our origin, our purpose of existence
So divine is the order of our world
The sun sinks to rise again on its own accord
The day is swallowed in the gloom of the night to be born fresh again
Flowers blossoms today and withers tomorrow
Water flows from the sky to the earth and back again
Though our science could explain some of these
Though these ultimate revolutions are understood
Yet we have no control of them
And like our stench, these questions lingers
Who really are we? What is our purpose of living?
What intelligence is behind the order of our World?
Some call it God, others a Supernatural force
Whatever it is, we are all connected
In the end, Man, Nature, Science, God co-exist mutually.
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