Artist for a Catalyst

By: Imran Ashraf
Competition Year: 2012
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A Backbone to Science, A Backbone to Life,
The line between these avenues as fine as a knife,
What merges these two worlds together in harmony
Neither science nor life, Oh the irony!

Convergence of these routes allows engineering to be,
Watch how the story unfolds and you will surely see.
For a catalyst provides routes for reactions to come about,
Too many ways in, Too many ways out…

Creation of such devices impossible without a human’s touch,
And without his intellect you can’t really expect much.
Into the heart of the catalyst, Her creativity pumps vision,
A labyrinth perfect and true because we don’t want a collision.

Active sites dispersed over the broadest area is so strategic,
Larger on the inside than on the outside, It’s just like magic.
Porous and open like a sieve sifting its flour,
But working so hard it needs replenishing every hour.

A cage of such brilliance devised only by thinking,
Seems so complex but is so very accommodating.
The macroscope or the microscope, It’s all about space,
Get them in, Get them out, Leave without a trace…

Comprised of the most precious materials known to man,
What have been placed on this rock since before time began,
Attracting the most inactive and awkward specimens we know,
Turning over their fate to help the system flow.

Vital to the functioning of organs and reactors alike,
Keeps its pulse rate consistent so it doesn’t feel the spike.
Lowers the activation barrier like a climber chipping the mountain,
Paramount for reaction survival, As important as any captain.

A maze of channels intertwined to facilitate its escape,
Through the dark and wilderness, Through the landscape.
Selective and active makes the soul of a catalyst,
Designed by a Scientist, Designed by an Artist…
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