By: Melanie Whitfield
Competition Year: 2012
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An apple picked in Eden,
a stork outside your mothers door
we all know tales and fables about from whence we came,
but the magic in our blood surely beats them all.

God's language.
Poetry in the patterns
and maths in the difference.
Unidentifiable algorithms with programmer’s precision.

The language of all life made only from letters AGTC.
Each transcription full stop; codon TAA TGA TAG.
Translation to another form of same meaning,
With stiff two spines not one, of phosphate-sugar-base.
Universal to frogs, bats and trees
but in human language, Babel split all nations in that place.
Mutations that travel like Chinese whispers through time,
we may be at the end, the middle or the beginning of our race's rhyme.

A child within a child within a child.
So it started, so it will go on,
our codes hydrolised and intertwining.
Self replicating life aspiring.
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