By: George O'Neill (MPhys)
Competition Year: 2012
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What is science if not beautiful and fun?
Atoms and all matter, including the sun,
It is even more, descriptions have begun,
Physics can be electric, pardon the pun,
Chemistry helps humanity, in the long run,
Biology is life, and not to be outdone,
Engineering builds things that should not be shun;
Equations can satisfy like the best bun,

What does this mean for the average human?

Science is everywhere, around everyone,
In every country, from Iceland to Gabon
There’s always a question like what’s Higgs’ boson?
But if you try hard, like Einstein and Newton,
You can find answers, a simple solution,
The DNA structure, Foucault’s pendulum,
Smallest of the small, the quark and electron;
Or even an engine, or television

Look at buildings, bridges, cars weighing a ton,
Or IVF, maybe your sister or son,
Or numbers, from pi to a quadrillion,
To see benefits needs no concentration,
To say it’s boring is misinformation,
So when you fly, cycle, or dress as a nun,
Notice all around you just what it has done;
If you look around closely, argue would none

Beauty is truth, truth beauty; beauty is fun
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