By: Chukwukelu Godwin
Competition Year: 2012
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A lonely heart in search of love, one I could call my own. You came knocking. At first sight, it was as though I had known you from the womb. I took you home to my parents. Oh! How my mother loved you, my father gave me the money to pay your ultimate prize.
The life I shared with you gave me the privilege of meeting the best the world can ever offer. You introduced me to LINUX, while securing the WINDOWS side of our apartment. The foremost musician CISCO has been of great help, he has consistently maintained the network we share with our great pals ORACLE and JAVA. The DOT NETted between these networks, the symbol of stiff competition. MYSQL grandson of SQL, who got married to PHP, claims to understand how I feel, after inviting their friends JAVASCRIPT, XML, CSS etcetera, to live with them in a castle they called AJAX.
My–babe, your sweet melody is like no other. My! That the world would hear you sing. Melody with lyrics of hope, life and strength, I call them the revival of a weary heart. Your father’s wealth we have squandered honeymooning round the globe, learning cultures, languages, history, politics, technologies, people…, and visiting our pals all over the globe, as often as we can.
Unlike other lovers, who complain to stay away from their partners, My–babe, you always sits on my LAPS, easily understands my mood, quick in response, willing to sing sweet melodies for me even while I sleep. You tell stories with precision, never missing a detail, willing to repeat yourself just for me to understand. There is never a dull moment with you. If I am to choose again, I will still come for you.
My friend, a worthy companion and an understanding teacher, who holds me by hand, teaching with illustrations, we visit your friends in different FORUMS for all you don’t know, with all, willingly contributing meaningful ideas. Some quarter will advice caution in dealing with women especially, those of your caliber, of which I do not object. Initially, I was careful and girded you jealously. Now, I can say of My–babe, that I know, one who loves me with all her heart and would not leave me, even for the entire universe.
My kisses of the morning, the overtures of the noonday, my caress and care of the night has and will always be a reassurance of my love for you. Recently I employed a housemaid HARDDISK to help in the EXTERNAL chores. They cost me a great deal, but I consider it little, a thing that I should give a damsel.
My Queen and Princess, a rare damsel, whose beauty encapsulates her ruggedness, from a distance, seem like any normal girl, but my closeness to her has taught me that great values lie in unassuming women like her.
If only you can look through my eyes, you will affirm, my dear DELL INSPIRION. Hope to share more lovely time together. I love you.
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