By: Obaidah
Competition Year: 2013
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POW, I’m excited,
Top of the class; arrived un-invited,
In the big boys club, I’m alighted,
Above all my equals – so ignited!

Here not by chance; landed by collision,
They race around me, unknowing of my condition,
Pushed to the back, imposed by supposition,
It’s a struggle in this shell… oh this situation!

I’m being drawn back down; we’re moving too fast,
My energy is moaning, I’m nearing my last,
Wavering in this realm, I’m not part of this caste,
I fall to the ground; descending too fast!

It ejects out of me like a snake so sly,
Slithers so elegantly across the sky,
Leaves me alone on the ground to lie,
Back with my peers… oh what a lie!

It’s gone in an instant, I feel so low,
Why did it really have to go?
From high and far, we all seem the same,
Back to reality, we follow the 4-cast name.

I am s; you are p, f or d,
Therefore we can never be,
Your realm is above ours, we sit below you,
The way our world works: no rationality.

Though at heart we are the same – a charged constant,
We will always be
1.6 x10^-19 C.
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