The Proof

By: Mohammad Ansari (Mathematics with Business and Management)
Competition Year: 2012
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Say for a contradiction, that there was an extinction

Of innovation, ideas and the progress of people

The human race, no longer steadfast

How far have they come? How long will they last?

Nature mocks us for what we can’t comprehend.

A world where a thesis is the beginning and the end.

Allow me to provide such a thesis to start,

Let x be an idea not from the brain but the heart,

Provided x be strictly less than The Large Hadron Collider,

(Which has far reaching consequences, us none the wiser!)

The pinnacle of our time, the maxima of our power

Is x bound? Can it go even higher?

So let t be time, from zero to infinity

If x is proportional to t, Then let it grow perpetually

Like the periodic table which can never be truly complete

Or far in space, poor Pluto – what a feat

With so much left, it’s no wonder we’re so l337

Hence, forget this proposition ever existed. Press Shift and Delete.

But the very idea, to reject this idea

Is a contradiction you see. QED.
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