The Divide

By: Liz D B
Competition Year: 2013
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The world wonders, mystified, about men of science,
Standing back timidly with great defiance.
Strange that it places unbounded reliance,
On those with whom it’s not formed an alliance.

This outlook merely widens the rift,
Between schools of thought, each with a clear gift.
The chasm between science and art,
Exists; the two remain apart.

A gulf of mutual incomprehension,
Subsists and causes intellectual tension.
The two cultures must decide to fuse,
To share their knowledge, and find parallel views.

For the inventions that scientists tend to create,
Often have consequences, both terrible and great.
From one man’s innovative curiosity,
Springs a design that triggers endless atrocity.

For instance, engineers who conceived the drone,
May not have envisaged that it would be flown,
To a foreign land, and exotic drop zone,
Where innocent people would be horribly blown.

Men of science don’t fully feel the effect,
Of their dire actions, although indirect.
They must connect their efforts behind the scenes,
To the outer world through humanitarian means.

Likewise, men of art must strive to understand,
The capability and limitations of technologies they demand.
With a deep and underlying responsibility,
They must act to reduce universal hostility.

It’s ironic that a wise man thinks himself ignorant,
Whilst an ignorant man thinks himself wise.
The polar groups must collide,
To bridge the science-art divide.
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