A Rose-Tinted View

By: Richard.Robinson (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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I have a greater horizon
Than any shape to glance the still,
My mind’s eye deeper, sees the form
Than any creature under hill.

I create the grand, fix the small
My body rich with morphing breath,
I use my heart to delegate,
My hands to sing, or quicken death.

My complexity captures it;
The quill, music or painter’s brush,
Philosophy and medicine,
The tender kiss and lover’s blush.

You mustn't see the rose-tint view;
I fight God’s hand, change the suture!
The laws of Gaia I ignore,
I drop the past, grasp the future!

The shine within the stars above,
The power that fuels my city;
The world around beneath my heel,
The people my source of money.

What distortions can I unmask?
What, no limit beyond the break?
What vice and sin can I employ?
What spirit or life to forsake?

All the ability to change
Is not good enough for the cause.
Hot Red drips, oil weeps, gunfire rips,
As blood-lust seeps; red in tooth and claws.

Reason, intellect abandoned,
What artisan can weave the seam?
Cool the warmer? Refill the well?
Feed the soul? Mend the twisted dream?

All emotions can I repress,
Or explain the self-harming race.
I fashioned the first of the tools,
Existence is my choice and my grace.
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