I Wandered Lonely as an Engineer

By: SB
Competition Year: 2013
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As I wake from my slumber,
All I can think of is the Prandtl Number

Some call it madness,
Some call it a craze,
Maybe it’s a condition brought on by 12 hour days.

All I know is that Derivation is my passion,
is there anything more satisfying than a Gaussian elimination?

And like the equation of continuity
We know it holds true,
That engineering is for all of us,
Not just for me and you.

Its easy to see,
the importance of dp by dT
Its all around us when you look at the clouds,
the trees, the hills and the sea.

Engineering is the Catalyst, the enthalpy, the coefficient of life
My knowledge of fugacity will bring me glory and a wife.

Intuitive it may be to deduce some formulae,
To me all it brings is pride, power and glee.

And so for now I must sign off,
Yours sincerely Monsieur engineering Boff!
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This poem has a fantastic rhyming structure and I love the inclusion of formulae throughout. When reading I feel like the third stanza is missing a trick. My instinct is to replace passion with the french - passionné.
Great work SB
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