By: tempusFUGIT (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2014
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I think I know you
but you are not there
I can grab you
but you run away
why do I want to tackle you?
I try to split you and it works
but when I approach you, you ignore me
you must have feelings
are you gendered?
maybe not in English
are you related to deadline?
if so we are family
when mass pulls you, you go slow
but you seem to ignore that when I am there
when I am happy you run away
but for the pain you stay
you must have a mind
you are in my mind
somehow I need you
but you are not material
you are ghostly
I try to be rational
or so a scientist pretends
you define hope
but I laugh at you
who makes you?
or do you make.

do you even exist?
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