It haunts me

By: bart (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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The hour is late, I should have stopped working long time ago,
but there is something that calls me, that stops me from leaving.
There is something hypnotic about the numbers in the screen,
something beautiful about the relations in this perfect geometry,
its complex simplicity calls me in the same manner the sirens song
used to call sailors into their end.

My mind moves in circles, trying to unravel this riddle.
I hear the same questions in my mind once and again,
how can this algorithm be more efficient, faster, lighter.
I now there is a way to do it, numbers don't lie,
but in their beautiful choreography, in its magnificent structure,
they do not give me the answer either.

I should stop now, this is becoming obsessive,
but there is a need of creation in my mind,
a powerful curiosity that needs to see what will happen.
The same feeling that guided Viktor Frankestein to create the creature,
that need that drove Marie Curie to its death,
that hate for the unknown that claimed Clarence Dally's hands,
that is driving me,
and I don’t know where it will lead,
but I'm sure I want to know what will I find.
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