Saturnian Serenity

By: michael kennedy (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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Far out amongst the desolate shadows of our Solar System,
Sails the magnificent ice planet,

For all its solitude in our minds,
Cast from the inner neighbourhood,
Impinging upon the bleak edge fringes of the impending emptiness which follows,
Her stark presence is as haunting amongst this eerie void as her isolate beauty is capturing of our imaginations.

Dwindled decades passed by,
She slipped from our sight,
Re-emerging in the chains of her haunting incarceration,
The heirs of mysteries caught us, once more.

Desire driven,
We must decipher this cryptic illusion,
Unshackle the secrets she's hoarding,
Probe her, pick at her, analyse in alien knowledge,
And discover not an unfamiliar surrounding.

Neither cold nor desolate,
We could never have imagined,
A stranger places so familiar to home.
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