Create, Create and Calculate

By: Rohan (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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There ain't no scientist in my head and poet in my heart
What stark divide could keep the two apart
When they're in constant conversation,
A glorious convocation of thinkers and dreamers
Throwing ideas at one another which spark and bounce into new creation
Like protons colliding in a particle chamber.
I think we're in danger of forgetting
They're just two branches of the same human condition
They're just methods and means but they're on the same mission;
The search for meaning and truth.
And maybe art doesn't concern itself with proofs,
But if you tell me science doesn't concern itself with life and joy
I'll call you a liar.
Did not a patent-clerk once say
"Pure mathematics is, in its way,
The poetry of logical ideas"?
Is philosophy not an art?
And did physics not start
From the lofty heights of natural philosophy
Waxing lyrical about what is and what could be?
If you want to see science and art working in unity
Just look at any image of a sunset. I bet,
That for every phenomena you try to describe with your mind
Your soul is aching with an explanation too.
And why on earth should they not both be true?
There's no contradiction I see in this duality...
If light can be both a particle and a wave
Then why can't a rainbow save your battered soul with the beauty of it
Just as an explanation thrills your curious mind?
I don't know about you, but I find
Creativity and curiosity belong together.
And regardless of whether you think that too,
I still have this message for you:
Create, create and calculate.
May the infinite series of your ideas
Never converge to a steady state.
May your curiosity be divergent
And ever, ever expanding.
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An excellent poem!