Empire of the Sun

By: Joe_Scaife (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2014
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The central fire, giver of life
Creation and destruction, a fusion-powered shining face
Helios, Apollo, Ra, Amaterasu, God Himself
Administering a giant empire of congealed stardust
stretching a light year into space.

Some rocks close by
A battered, shrunken sphere of the same iron that reddens our blood
An acidic pressure cooker of beauty, the morning and evening star
A dancing couple: blue and grey, vitality and desolation, yin and yang
and a russet-hued frozen wasteland where water once flowed
that may one day reveal the secrets of life and teach us who we really are.

A hailstorm of builders' rubble left over from creation,
bringers of a forgotten reptilian holocaust when fire rained from air
The source of shattered Russian windows, of future mineral resources
stretched over such a wide expanse, the belt is almost not there.

Then come the giants
A failed star, king of the Gods, commanding sixty-seven attendants
The jewel of the skies, crowned with a thousand shining haloes of ice
A sideways tumbling blue-green sphere, anonymous to antiquity
and the god of the deep blue seas, with a windswept, frozen visage
no solid surface on these worlds, a liquefied gas mantle must suffice.

A blizzard of a billion snowflakes, the snows of four billion yesteryears,
a belt and a cloud where Kuiper and Oort staked their claim
A former planet lives here, and comets blaze through the skies
Ensuring multi-billion year immortality for those astronomers' names.

Deep in the enduring cold, where the God of Fire is shrunken to another star
our enduring little Voyager 1, the farthest thing we've sent to roam
our last sentinel between the blazing fire and the eternal night
heading out into the stars to tell the worlds with ears to hear
that some civilisation calls this tiny little solar empire
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