How beautiful this existence

By: mbcx (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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How beautiful this existence, when unknown to shallow greed
To manipulate and mould it, sows an obsessive seed
From this a world controls us, blossoms to amaze
Narrowed minds become us, trapped in a singular gaze

To hold our eyes open, not just for want nor pride
But to appreciate each detail, worthy to be admired
Folding to one another, evolving in their grasp
Wound tight in divine web, shaping realities mask
All we take for granted, held in the depths of time
All we know and have known, morph to the sublime

Admit our impossible pursuit, accept infinitive unknown
But bask in the existence, for with this we are left alone
Watch our eyes wither, slaves to curiosity
Plead law to unravel, from beginning to eternity
Reality is Beauty, maternal, pure
Beauty is real, ours to explore.
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