The plight

By: MVP (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2014
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Through bolts and through arrows,
Which is nobler, which is not?
One of many questions follows:
Is it bliss, or is it not?

To ask ourselves about the world,
In this ever going quest,
To disclose the unobserved,
As our minds become unrest.

We integrate through thoughts,
To explain what we perceive,
For the plane that we all cross,
Is far from what our eyes believe.

We paint the world in numbers,
Bind it in relativistic time,
Revealing its true colours
Through equations that make it rhyme.

Yet, colours are illusions,
Interpretations of our minds;
And this lack of a conclusion,
Our thoughts continuously grinds.

The true meaning of reality
Remains hidden from our sight;
For in this unforgiving galaxy,
Uncertainty will ever be our plight.

Models fall like dominoes,
But we still hear the numbers chime.
As the universe yet echoes,
We still search for its true rhyme ...
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