A Form of Geology

By: Dan, Elliot & Jess (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2014
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Geology is all round you and me,
It tells us so much, don’t you see!
We will take you on an insightful journey,
Proving this subject is science worthy

Starting in the air,
We all are aware,
The weather takes hold,
But it can be foretold,
Better known as meteorology,
A form of geology

The ground beneath our feet,
Where one can find peat,
A source of raw power,
Supplying each kilowatt hour,
Better known as geomorphology,
A form of geology

Deeper into the earth,
Almost like a rebirth,
The discovery of coal,
Has an important role,
Better known as lithology,
A form of geology

Further into the crust,
A black liquid we lust,
The unearthing of oil,
To spark an ignition coil,
Better known as sedimentology,
A form of geology

As resources run low,
We start to show,
That our earth offers more,
Is fracking the cure?
Better known as hydrogeology,
A form of geology

We became a lot smarter,
Looking through the strata,
Diamonds were found,
Their beauty astound,
Better known as petrology,
A form of geology

Plates slide and crash,
Causing earthquakes to smash,
Tsunamis from the seas,
Bringing cities to their knees,
Better known as seismology,
A form of geology,

Volcanoes build and blow,
Unleashing a fiery flow,
Releasing ash and rock,
A volatile ticking clock,
Better known as volcanology,
A form of geology

At the centre is the core,
A dense metallic we are sure,
Surrounded by a magnetic field,
No human can dream to yield,
Better known as magnetology,
A form of geology

The fossils at which we stare,
Show what once was there,
From chordates to man,
We see evolutions plan,
Better known as palaeontology,
A form of geology

Far out into space,
Mysteries take place,
Creations elusive spark,
Dense matter in the dark?
Better known as cosmology,
A form of geology

A window into the past,
From even a lonely clast,
Answering life’s theories,
And day to day quires,
What else could it be?
GEOLOGY! don’t you see!
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