By: Tom H (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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Scientists and mathematicians seek to unravel the mysteries of our world
Driving our understanding, the evocative tales of nature unwind
In the hearts of engineers dreams are knurled
Daring to dream higher, faster, stronger leaving the old world behind

Staring fearlessly into the harrowing fiend of impossibility
Beauty manifests not with a sweep of the brush or a score with the quill
But in a design solution swathed with simplicity
Architects of history with ferocious ambition and skill

To be human is to ask the questions how or why?
Yes our ambition burns but with knowledge we inherit a duty
Each year more frequent and stressed becomes our mother’s cry
Yet we continue to treat her with intolerable cruelty

Astonishing to behold what our descendants may open their eyes to find
Ignorance is bliss but any more could leave the whole world blind
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