As time flies.......

By: Chucks Onyekwelu (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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Success, Success, Success, Client's needs multiplies
As time flies, do something or do nothing, the PM must decide
failure to document supplies, foreseen challenges arise
as time steadily flies

Pause…… No time, Client signs and nominates
Liability lies with the PM, like an enemy at the gate
No thought toward wishful thinking and hoping
The PM Sleeps with one eye open
Proclaimed king in the land of the blind
Thoughts of cost, scope and time
As time steadily flies

Prince II APMIC and PMI Conquests, Accolades:
Tools to bind and mind Risk register & Business case
Scheming on incentives & motivational Techniques
Dreams of Complex projects and high earnings
Weary of latent clauses to eliminate conflicts
Shaken by Sub-contractors
Awakened by contractors
Untangles from the covers to be entangled by the iron triangle
Steadily as the time flies
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