When Worlds Collide

By: elude
Competition Year: 2013
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Whispers of the past, carried by the winds of change.
Lilting melodies that caress the golden fringes of reality.
When worlds collide.
The vicious cycle of life and death, the hunter and the hunted.
Fields of flowers hide the decay of lives under layers of dirt.
When worlds collide.
Water clashes with land as the ocean takes back what is hers.
The majestic beauty of the sun, as it scorches the land, starves the innocent.
When worlds collide.
The blissful memories die with age, the pages of the past lie untouched.
Hearts fester and blacken, feelings are forgotten.
When worlds collide.
The beauty of the blade, silent and deadly.
The souls scattered amongst the stars, the dreams dissolved amidst tears.
When worlds collide.
A lifetime of memories,
The beauty of evil. The lament of the wounded.

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